History of the CF Association

The association was founded in 1967 as a self-help organization, which aims to help cystic fibrosis (CF) patients and their families and plays a key role in dealing with the disease. A physicians’ committee operates alongside the association. Establishment of an association for cystic fibrosis patients in Israel.

The Cystic Fibrosis Research Foundation Trust is registered as an Ottoman association in the Ministry of the Interior – Tel Aviv. In September 1967, the Israeli Union was accepted as a member of the International Union. .International Cystic Fibrosis Association in Toronto -Canada.
At that time, the late Dr. Noah Feller, who was the director of Hasharon Hospital, and the late Mr. Pinchas Rashish, then-Mayor of Petah Tikva, and the late Prof. Andre de Paris, who served as Rector of Tel Aviv University, we’re joined by Dr. Stanley Levin. Prof. Daniel Katzenelson, who was the director of the children’s department at Kaplan Hospital and will be separated for a long time, was the director of the children’s department at Sheba Hospital.

In 1972, about 30 patients were diagnosed in Israel with C.F.
– In 1976, there were 40 patients in the Department of Pediatrics A at Tel Hashomer Hospital. At Hasharon Hospital 20 patients and at Kaplan Hospital 10 patients – a total of 70 patients in C.F.
In 1999, about 400 C.F. patients were diagnosed in Israel in seven medical centers.
In 2000, approximately 450 patients in C.F. were diagnosed in Israel with seven medical centers.

The aim of the association is to take care of the well-being of patients with cystic fibrosis. To help patients and their families in the daily struggle and coping. Conduct extensive public information activities in order to raise awareness of the existence of C.F., to be in constant contact with the legislature and health institutions, and to ensure the maximum rights of patients. Train therapists for vision drainage for patients and guide them. Assist those in need of transplants. Encourage medical professionals to specialize in CF and assist clinics and medical centers in Israel that treat patients with cystic fibrosis.

Professor Daniel Katzenelson

The pediatrician served as the director of the pediatric wards A and as the director of the CF Center at Sheba Hospital, Tel Hashomer, from 1951-1986. We call Prof. Katzenelson the spiritual pain of the CF in Israel. Because he is the key figure in instilling CF awareness in the awareness of patients and their families and more so of the medical staff in hospitals and clinics. His actions and Sisyphean struggles have led to the recognition that CF disease is not a collection of symptoms, but one comprehensive disease that has many signs, and therefore its treatment must be in the hands of one doctor who centralizes all knowledge and navigates the various tests and treatments.
A father figure, almost the protagonist of a movie about a doctor. Served for many (and still serves even after his retirement) a backbone of professionalism and endless medical knowledge, and no less spiritual relief even on issues that are not exactly included in the field of “pediatrics”. The man who learned to be a physician in rigid frameworks that advocated maintaining a distance between the physician and his patients was educated to understand the importance of mental resilience in inpatient recovery. The children’s clinic at Sheba was one of the first in the C.F world where a psychologist was added to the medical staff and regular meetings were held to break down the barriers between doctors, nurses, C.F patients, and their families. Prof. Daniel Katzenelson – a man of vision and medical practice, creativity and openness to new ideas, and a great love for his “children” and their families.

In memory of Prof. Hari Schwechman

Professor Hari Schwachman, a son of parents who immigrated to the United States in full, was born in Boston. In 1936 he graduated from the JOHN HOPKINS MEDICAL SCHOOL. In 1937 he began working at CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL in Boston. Rabbi for physicians, “cystic fibrosis.”
Was the director of the largest CF clinic in the world. Contributed greatly to the understanding of the disease and to a change in its prognosis.
Was involved in the development of sweat testing and prescribing treatments such as antibiotics, digestive enzymes, and lung drainage. Published over 250 articles on. C.F built a laboratory dedicated to the study of. C.F was among the founders of the American C.F.F. organization and a member of its Scientific Committee. In addition to all this, he was a gifted violinist. Many times he visited Israel, lecturing to doctors and parents always on a voluntary basis. During his visits, there are “clinic days” in which he examined C.F. patients and recommended to physicians and parents ways of treatment. Prof. Schwachman was a great doctor and they answered. A warm, sensitive, and understanding person. A source of encouragement and hope at the beginning of the C.F.’s journey in Israel.

Prof. Katzenelson
Prof. Hari Schwechman

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