סיוע בתרופות סיסטיק פיברוזיס

Medication assistance

On average, a patient must take about 50 pills a day, morning and evening inhalations, intravenous antibiotics, steroids, and more. The association assists in purchasing medicines, fortified food, medical equipment, exercise equipment, and student aid. In addition, the union is fighting for the introduction of new drugs in the health basket.

קשר עם מוסדות

Contact with institutions

The Cystic Fibrosis Association initiates activities to ensure rights and excellence in public institutions and organizations such as health funds, the Ministry of Health, the National Insurance Institute, the Ministry of Welfare, the Ministry of Education, and the Interior. For example: Adding new drugs to the health basket. Applying to the HMOs for exceptional approvals …

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מאבק להכנסת תרופות חדשות לסל

Struggle for the introduction of new drugs in the health basket

The Cystic Fibrosis Israel organization fights for introducing new drugs in the health basket and provides support and assistance in financing treatments that are not covered by the health basket Recently, a new drug called “Tripacta” was approved after the union’s long struggle and efforts, which significantly improved patients’ lifestyles

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