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Becky's blog

הבלוג של בקי - אנגלית

past present Future

“I know that I was already really dead. I know that I have no way back to life. Only he who was faithful to death

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הבלוג של בקי - אנגלית

On this Yom Kippur

Seeing the other, the other is a very sublime virtue. Most often, observation is through filters of culture and time. After all, when did we

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הבלוג של בקי - אנגלית

Letter to my chicks

My little loved ones. At nightfall, I enter your rooms and look at you asleep. Your eyes are closed, your muscles are relaxed, and the

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הבלוג של בקי - אנגלית

The miracle of growth

Another chapter from Becky’s blog, Mother of Junior (name saved in the system), is 11 years old. New shoes. Long pants that reveal socks at

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הבלוג של בקי - אנגלית

Family was reborn

I created two children with my own body. There is nothing I am more proud of than this glorious work.An intention preceded the work itself.

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הבלוג של בקי - אנגלית

My God I wanted you to know

Junior has pneumonia. It feels like being on the beach with a black flag fluttering over the lifeguard booth. Although everything is under control, there

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Anchorage's blog

אנקורי בלוג - אנגלית

Another day will come

I saw on the blog an opportunity to talk about our typical way of life, and everyone who lives with cystic fibrosis has a significant

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