General rights for the patient

Disabled child benefit
Parents of a cystic fibrosis patient are entitled to claim a disabled child benefit from Social Security from the age of three months.
In order to receive the benefit, you must contact the National Insurance Institute at the place of residence and submit an application.
Detailed instructions are recommended to get from the social worker at the clinic.
Eligibility is for parents of children who meet at least 3 of the following criteria:
 Inhalation daily.
 Need physiotherapy for pulmonary drainage three times a day every day.
 Consume antibiotics regularly.
 Need regular follow-up at a cystic fibrosis clinic.

Her family more than one child for whom she is entitled to a disabled child benefit is entitled to a 50% increase in the use of each of the sick children living in the parental home (i.e., for each of the children will receive a use of 150%, for two children receive use of 300% , For three children 450% and so on).
Keep in mind that this benefit is automatically terminated after 18. (In her family, more than one child. When a user of one or more of the children is removed, and only one child is entitled to the benefit – the parents will return to receive only 100% benefit for him).

General disability pension
Any graduate at the age of 18 can claim a general disability pension from the National Insurance Institute.
To receive the benefit, you must contact the National Insurance Institute when the graduate reaches the age of 18 (parents who received a disabled child benefit for the child will receive it until 18 and 3 months).
After filing a claim with Social Security, the graduate will be invited to a medical committee, where they will be examined by a physician who will determine the percentage of their medical disability. In the second stage, the degree of incapacity for work will be determined, according to the extent of the effect of the disability on the graduate’s ability to work and earn. Based on all these data, the summary of the process of the monthly benefit rate will be determined.

Vocational rehabilitation
Vocational rehabilitation in the National Insurance Institute is a therapeutic process designed to direct and train the disabled to be absorbed into suitable work, including placement for work even for those who are not interested in studies.
They are entitled to rehabilitation: A disabled person who has been determined to have at least 20% permanent disability. The rehabilitated person is entitled to assistance in diagnosis and professional guidance, to the payment of rehabilitation fees during training or studies (supplement to a total disability pension for those who receive a partial stipend) and to the amount of study-related expenses.
The duration of vocational training or studies is determined by the qualifications of the rehabilitated and the chosen profession. Anyone who has been selected to have a degree of disability of 65% or more and is found suitable for studies leading to a job at an institution of higher education will be entitled to assistance until the completion of the first degree.

Special Services (SRM)
Men and women up to retirement age who are insured with Social Security and who need a lot of other person’s help with daily activities (dressing, eating, bathing, mobility at home and excretion control) are entitled to the allowance of a special service, or they need constant life-threatening supervision for themselves or others.

Book of Defects
The book of shortcomings, which until now was confidential, has now been opened to the general public (it can be viewed on the National Insurance website).

Disability and Special Services Act
Recently, the association and the National Insurance Institute have been working to ensure that eligibility for special services is automatically granted according to medical treatments and the state of advanced illness.
SRM – In difficult and complex functional situations can be obtained from the 31st day.
The “initiated route – the green route” already exists. This route allows the medical committee to determine the percentage of disability, to proactively refer the referral to the Minister on behalf of the patient without having to go to the committee.

  • SRM: You can sue retroactively for up to six months.
  • Housewife: Eligibility will be equal to the eligibility of working and earning women.

Extending entitlement to a disabled child allowance
Eligibility for a disabled child allowance has been extended starting in August 2012. A supplement to the budget of NIS 424 will also be paid for children who are not studying.
Until now, this amount was paid only for children studying (as a supplement to their own allowance or as part of their basic allowance), from now on this amount is paid to all recipients of the funding for a disabled child, and there is no need to present certificates of the child’s studies.
As of August 1, 2012, the disabled child allowance will also be paid to children hospitalized for psychiatric treatment.

Law to Ron
In light of the recommendation of the “Laron Committee”, which was established to examine the integration of people with disabilities in the labor market, the National Insurance Law was amended so that in some situations, it is possible to both works and receive a disability pension. The amendment to the law improves the conditions of those who go out to work and does not infringe on the rights of those who do not work.
The law is effective as of 1.8.09. Details of the rules can be seen at the following link
For your attention, to calculate the salary that is allowed to be earned, according to the Laron Committee, you can use the calculator that appears on the website. See calculator link

HMO rights

Patients with cystic fibrosis are entitled to a significant exemption or discount on purchasing drugs designed for CF patients and medicated foods.
The arrangements with each fund are different, and unfortunately, there is currently no document that formally anchors the structures. In case of ambiguity, you can contact the social workers at the clinic for assistance.

Also, patients with cystic fibrosis are defined as “chronic patients,” according to a list of diseases established by the Ministry of Health. Therefore, CF patients are entitled to a maximum ceiling on expenses for medicines included in the health basket (the amount is updated from time to time and varies from fund to fund.
• Clalit Health Services – NIS 936.
• Maccabi Health Services – 894 NIS.
• United HMO – 912 NIS.
• National Health Fund – NIS 945.
• The discount is given automatically at the time of purchase at the pharmacy.

The cost for consumables (kangaroo bags, button tubes, bandages, syringes, etc.) is considered to calculate the monthly ceiling for medicines.

Medicinal food (enriched)
As with the purchase of medicines, CF patients are entitled to a maximum ceiling on expenses for medicinal foods included in the basket. The amount is updated from time to time and differs slightly from fund to fund. The monthly deductible ceiling for medicinal foods (8/2016) is:
• Clalit Health Services – NIS 694.
• Maccabi Health Services – 670 NIS.
• United HMO – 694 NIS.
• National Health Fund – NIS 694.
The discount is given automatically at the time of purchase at the pharmacy. Specific preparations require a doctor’s approval.

Cystic fibrosis patients are eligible for reimbursement for pulmonary drainage treatments.
Refunds of 111 NIS maximum per day of treatment. The amount is updated from time to time (additional shekels). The refund is given after submitting a statement to the health insurance fund on a dedicated form. The form can be obtained at the CF clinic, in a union or directly at the HMO.


Inhalers: PARI TURBO and PARI EFLOW are in the medicine basket. They can be obtained through the HMOs, with a letter from the clinic detailing the protocol of treatments and medications and accordingly a recommendation for one of these devices.

Eligibility for the device also includes consumable equipment such as a replacement nebulizer and air filter and eligibility for one device and its replacement once every two years.

Individual (individual) psychological treatment can be obtained through the HMOs at mental health institutes (free of charge) or by therapists in an arrangement with the HMO (at a reduced fee). Contact the HMO clinic to receive the service.
Psychological/emotional treatments for children and youth can also be obtained through the perfect insurances.

Student rights

Circular of the Director-General of the Ministry of Education
The circular regulating patients’ rights in education was published in August 2003. A copy can be obtained from the union and from the social worker at the clinic, or directly from the website of the Ministry of Education:

Information booklet for the educational staff in kindergarten and school
You can get it at the union offices or at the social workers in the clinics at the CF centers.

Ease of matriculation exams
Students who request relief in the matriculation exams can contact a school counselor. Usually, a professional (psycho-didactic) diagnosis will also be required, after which it will be recommended which relief the student will receive. In most cases, the Ministry of Education accepts the recommendation of the professional staff.

help lessons
Sick students aged 5-18 in regular education and ages 3-21 in special education are eligible for academic and therapeutic/emotional support during the school year according to the following division:
Sick students who are hospitalized – will study in the classrooms in the pediatric wards. An individual curriculum will be determined in coordination between the school/kindergarten and the representative of the educational framework at the hospital.
Students who stay at home due to illness with a doctor’s approval for a period exceeding 21 consecutive days will receive educational service at home from the service provider of the Ministry of Education – Kadima Mada. Support is provided free of charge at the student’s home throughout the country.
For more information on Kadima Mada
Students who do not meet the criteria of the Ministry of Education regarding the extent of days of absence from school, but need study assistance, can contact the Talalim Association, which provides service through the virtual school (learning in full voice communication, by a real-time teacher). For this purpose, you must contact the Talalim Association and submit an application form (available on the Talalim website) accompanied by a medical certificate from the attending physician at the hospital.
Tlalim Association website:
Students returning to school after a prolonged absence, over four weeks, or absent for shorter periods more frequently during the school year due to medical reasons and ongoing treatments, and in total, the absence time was not less than 30 school days during the entire school year, will be eligible for support Academic and emotional from the “sick hours” basket.
The ways to apply for assistance are through the school: the principal, the educational counselor, who is in charge of sick children in the MTA, you can consult with the clinic social worker.

Assistant in kindergartens
The attachment of personal assistance to children with special needs, who are integrated into the regular education system, is enshrined in a law called the “Integration Law”.
Parents who are interested in receiving the assistance can contact the education department in the local authority (special needs area). The application must be accompanied by documents from the medical care providers – the director of the CF clinic where the child is being treated – in addition to a letter from the pediatrician treating the community. In addition, additional documents are required, such as a Social Security certificate, a registration certificate for the educational institution, and more.
Follow the instructions of the bodies in charge of the municipality and present the documents before the start of the school year.

+Absence from work due to a child’s illness
As of 2014, a parent or guardian of a person with a disability (of all ages) is entitled to up to 18 days a year, and in addition, he is also entitled to 52 hours of absence without deduction from his salary to provide personal assistance to his child, it worked for at least one year. These days will be credited at the expense of the accumulated sick days of the working parent or the payment of his vacation days, at the parent’s choice (the 52 hours of absence will not be credited at the expense of sick days and will not be deducted in any way from his salary).
The parent is entitled to up to an additional 18 days as well as an extra 52 hours of absence without deduction from salary, in the following cases:
The parent’s spouse (employee or self-employed) is not absent from work to accompany and supervise the child. The parent is a single parent. The child with disabilities is in the sole custody of the parent.
The right to be absent for 52 hours (or 104 hours) per year without deduction from salary is relative to the scope of the position—for example, a part-time employee.
Will be entitled to 26 hours of absence (1/2 job X 52 hours).
The process of exercising the right
The right is granted automatically by the employer. Employers may require the following statements and approvals from the employee:
• Confirmation of the disability of the person in need of personal assistance from the employee
• Employee declaration of absence for personal assistance to a person with a disability
• Employees who are guardians – a statement of guardians must be attached
• If the employee is absent to accompany, assist or supervise medical or paramedical treatment, the certificate of the treating institution indicating the day and hours the treatment is provided must be attached.
To exercise an additional 18 days a year, the employee must attach one of the following certificates: a certificate regarding being an independent parent (single parent), a certificate that the disabled person is in his sole possession, and a certification that the spouse did not exercise his entitlement to absence.

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