Good people in the middle of the road

A few days ago, we decided to overcome the difficulty and discomfort and go with an oxygen tank to the show. The decision was not an easy one. However, our love for the show outweighed everything, so a decision was made at a good time.
Hello again, I will tell you about going out for fun this time.
Indeed, it has been long since we were at a “Moshe” show.
Moshe is our favorite singer, and in the past, we would go to his shows more often. Unfortunately, the aggravation of the pulmonary condition and the need to use oxygen regularly do not allow for crowding with many people inside a closed compound.
However, we operated like a well-oiled machine from the moment it was received. We bought tickets for the show, I made sure to get home early, and she finished the inhalations and physiotherapy early. I filled a tank with oxygen, took a camera, and went to the show.
We arrived at the show venue, and we were looking for nearby parking. You will not believe how difficult it is to find parking in Tel Aviv, even at ten at night. In the end, we found a nearby parking lot that did not require tedious walking, so we arrived with an average stature for the show. Even with a disabled character.
At the entrance to the show, it was amusing to pass the security check when the security guard found the oxygen tank in my bag and asked in surprise, “Why did you bring a heat spreader?”…. And I explained that it was medical equipment.
Anyway, we entered the hall and chose the farthest corner. Away from the singer and the band, as far away as possible from the people who sat around the tables at the stage.
Why? Not because we do not want to see up close, but because of the knowledge that the phenomenon of smoking that exists in places of entertainment does not allow the anchor to breathe freely. And soon the people around the tables will start smoking and curling the smoke right into our eyes.
So, even though we arrived early, we chose to sit in a remote and corner place and were very happy.
The show has started! Our singer comes up with the guitar and starts singing very beautifully, we know all the songs, and we even guessed the sequence of themes and with which song he will open the show. After all, we are active in his forum !! We like to see how during the show, he takes care of bringing people from the audience to sing with him and with the audience of course.
“You got tired and found believe”! The show finally started and we were in seventh heaven. We sang, danced and clapped. But here the story does not end, unfortunately.
I had to interrupt the pure enjoyment and tell about the continuation of the show when a group of 6 young people (4 girls and 2 boys) aged 22-24 years, who arrived late to the front and since there were no seats left near the stage, where did they come to settle? Very accurate, they were crammed into sitting behind us and apparently, they were crowded (because we were actually sitting at the end of the hall) and may not have seen as well as us either. Those who saw the anchor with the oxygen goggles started smoking non-stop, cigarette after cigarette after another. Until cigarette smoke billowed around us, it was hard to breathe despite the oxygen. When we looked in their direction, they looked at us carelessly, and it was clear that they were aware of the problematic situation of Anchorage and that their behavior was aimed at one goal – to make us leave the place so that they would have more space.
Then we debated. What to do? Should the youth group be asked to stop? Or maybe it’s better not to get into a commotion. There was no space available, and we debated whether to get up and leave the show.
Guess what we did? what would you do?

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