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Forms 17 for the Lung Clinic – our entrance ticket for a fun day at the hospital.

Clalit in front of Sheba Hospital:

  • Once every three months, the HMO wants to make sure we are still sick.
  • You have to ask the family doctor to send an application for Form 17 to the Lung Clinic.
  • The application goes to a specialist committee, and about a day later, you are notified that Form 17 is ready.

It should be taken from the cash register and brought to the secretariat for inspection at the hospital. Sound But City needs Form 17 separately)

National in front of Sheba Hospital: Form 17 for each visit, which includes: doctor’s examination, lung function, respiratory physiotherapy, sputum culture, blood tests, etc.

United in front of Sheba Hospital: Form 17 must be issued for each clinic visit. The commitment includes only what is explicitly stated on Form 17. How to apply: Approach with an order form from the hospital/codes from the hospital + a summary by a pulmonologist to the United Health Insurance Fund’s secretariat to issue a Form 17.

Maccabi vs. Sheba Hospital: The commitment is valid for one year, but it only covers a doctor’s examination, physiotherapy, lung function, partial blood tests, and a partial sputum test (only pseudomonas, for example, and not to), so once every few months you have to bring all kinds of commitments (usually only one per year)

Forms 17 to a specialist doctor-consultant

Clalit vs. hospitals in agreement with Clalit: one-time, needs to be renewed, usually only includes a doctor’s examination, no approval from the district is required.

Clalit vs. Sheba Hospital (not in agreement with Clalit): A certificate from a family doctor is required, and then each time they define it as “continued treatment.”

Leumit vs. Sheba Hospital: With the family doctor’s approval, a commitment is given to a specialist doctor at the hospital or an appointment with a specialist doctor in the community. Expert doctor – consultant after hospitalization – because we did not hear enough hospitalizations.

General: Bring a summary of hospitalization with the recommendation to consult a doctor in the field and then bring a Form 17 without approval from the district.

Certifications in general: that every spank is a medical secretary.

General: The information is accurate for all areas except medical equipment. Bring a letter from an attending physician at a hospital. A note as detailed as possible with a date and ID is recommended. (Request for a new medicine, request for examination, demand for a medical device, request for a consultation with a specialist doctor at a specific hospital, etc.) Attach to the letter, request from the family doctor at the checkout, and send to the district for approval. (Committee of Experts) There is an option to send an SMS when it is approved. (The message is sent only if it is confirmed. Text of the message: A response to the request has been received. Reference number, please get in touch with the General Clinic).

To receive an SMS message – you need to ask the secretariat when submitting the application who will update the mobile number in the system. Another way is to check the site for those who have a username and password.

Medical equipment – because once a year on Passover, they are reminded that a filter/mask / tube needs to be replaced

Clalit: Clalit Medical Engineering Phone: * 5515

Mash’al – to order filters, masks, and masks.

Bee Pap: There is a right to replace a mask once a year and a Bee Pap tube once every six months. (Free)

Oxygen – you pay about 8 shekels a month for an oxygen generator at home.

Eiffel – E-RAPID Membrane and Novelizer Eligibility once every six months. (Keystone users receive an Electra automatic noblozier with the drug) Clalit’s contact person is Ilanit – 03-5389584

Pharmacy – because the pharmacist is the best friend of the Chapnick

* It is * highly recommended * to develop good relations with the chief pharmacist in a pharmacy. This way, you can send him a list of medicines by email and call him to check if all the treatments have arrived and a calmer hour for collecting the medication. (It all depends on how friendly the pharmacist is, but well worth a try)

General: You can check the stock website (at this link) at the pharmacy before you arrive regarding regular medications.

Prescriptions given by doctors who work with Clalit or through hospitals or agree with Clalit – do not need to be converted to the fund’s prescription; you can go directly to the pharmacy. (If the approval of the information is irrelevant)

Medicines that need approval – must be ordered in advance before arriving at a pharmacy; it is not always available in stock.

Credit debit – because plastic is fantastic

General: Standing order – You can set up a credit card at the office that all purchases at the pharmacy will be charged for, and then when you are at the pharmacy, you do not need a credit card, nor the cardholder, but you must ask for a health insurance card. He will stick a sticker on every product in a standing order and just come pick up the medication instead of lingering for an hour.

Consultant / specialist medicine in general – because we like to hear health lectures in our free time.

General: There is a multidisciplinary center in each area (there are areas that are a center that provides service to several cities) that includes doctors from different specialties who are there regularly.

** For the regular branches, they usually “host” once a period or demand a doctor from a particular field and patient centers for a specific day or two.

There are also workshops like nutrition workshops for people with diabetes, especially for diligent and well-traveled seafarers.

The website – anyone who saves bureaucracy and queues from Cyapnik is fine.

General: It is possible to make appointments for a family doctor or a consulting/specialist medicine (it is possible to choose a comfortable location, this shows where the above doctor provides the service)

Request renewal of prescriptions for medications for four months

Download prescriptions

Download lost 17 forms, and only after you have already printed in the secretariat is it updated in the system.

Check the validity of approvals from all areas.

View hospitalization summaries (it does not show IDF)

Make an appointment with a family doctor

Track refund payments

Refunds – We finally get a return

General: Reimbursements for physiotherapy are given on the 10th or 20th of the month. The amount of the refund as of May 2017 is NIS 111 for treatment.

If you submit by the 10th of the month, you will receive the refund on the 20th of that month (within ten days or so). If you submit after the 10th of the month, you will receive a refund on the 10th of the following month. Leumit, Maccabi, and Meuhedet also return 111 shekels for treatment in May 2016.

Medication ceiling – and they will not work on you.

The drugs included in the calculation of the payment ceiling must meet all of the following conditions:

* They are drugs (or perishable equipment, such as syringes) in the primary health basket (i.e., not in “supplements”), including drugs purchased by the patient for medical treatment unrelated to the chronic disease.

* The drugs were purchased through a health insurance fund (i.e., with the fund’s doctor’s prescription and with the fund’s funding and not privately).

* The drugs were purchased during the same calendar quarter (January to March, April to June, July to September, October to December) or a median calendar (January to June, July to December) – according to the rules of each fund.

* Medicinal food in the health basket is not included in the ceiling calculation, but a separate ceiling has been set for it.

Clalit – NIS 934 per quarter (beyond the amount of any medicine in the basket will be free.)

Leumit -945 NIS per quarter (beyond the amount of any medicine in the basket will be free)

Maccabi -891 NIS per quarter (beyond the amount of any medicine in the basket will be free)

United – NIS 300 per month on a semi-annual basis or NIS 900 per quarter. (Beyond the amount, any medicine in the basket will be free.)

Medicinal food – because that’s how we like our gourmet meals.

* In any case, it is recommended to contact the fund and check regarding each medicated food whether it is included in the list and what the coverage is within the framework of the SAB (additional health services)

Clalit monthly ceiling – 646 NIS

National monthly top – 619 NIS

Maccabi monthly ceiling – 619 NIS

United monthly ceiling – 646 NIS

Medicines in the basket for syapniks (free of charge) – the most affordable basket of all the marketing chains


* Keystone


* Controversies

* Colerain

* Amkatsin

Antibiotics in pills:

* April


* Resources

* Doxlin


Vitamins supplements:

* Kryon

Dax Plus between NIS 55-75 per month, depending on the health fund.


* Prednisone

* Ventolin

*** Eligibility glucometer once a year for NIS 15.

The payment ceiling for this diabetes medication is around NIS 50-60 calculated separately.

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