Letter to my chicks

My little loved ones. At nightfall, I enter your rooms and look at you asleep. Your eyes are closed, your muscles are relaxed, and the blankets are twisted around you, unremarkable.

Your light hair rests on the pillow, and the smooth skin with the freckles glows in the soft moonlight that trickles through the window. I am filled with love and compassion and want to hug you to me and tell you everything in my heart.

In a few days, a new school year will begin. Your suitcases are ready. The new notebooks and colors. Bars and numbers and glue. And you are already curious to know who you will sit next to and what the new year will bring with it.
• I want you to come to class on the first day, and old friends will happily run to you, gather you for a lively and excited group.
• I want that when you sit at the table assigned to you by the teacher and take out the new pencil case, you will feel a heartbeat of pleasant excitement. The excitement is an expectation of what is to come, something good about to call you.
• I want you to look around and see things that will make you know you are “at home.” You will know that this little corner of the world is all yours, and you belong to it one hundred percent. You will know that the beautiful school you attend is not just an architectural concept; these are part of the beauty and perfection of this place in general.
• I want the curiosity about the future to come and continue to accompany you throughout the year. May your teachers challenge you and excite you with new knowledge and fascinating tasks.
• I want you to be able to create your private creation even within the classroom and school audience. That you will find there the corner that allows you to express and bring into the world something that is only yours. A work that comes from your deepest place and does not come to please anyone.
• I want you to lead. Each of you will find and advise his most outstanding talent and become the first and foremost in this field among his friends.
• I want you to know that you are loved and valued. Believe in it every moment and every second. Let there be no doubt that the class would not be the same without you.
• I want you to know that the knowledge you acquire in school is an ax to dig with in the future. Remember that knowledge is power. And gather the knowledge to fuel your journey into your future. Do not miss important details. Practice your memory, collecting every bit of information. And make intelligent use of the knowledge you have gathered.
• Get out. Run and skip. Feel your body. Run fast and feel the clean cylinder air on your face. Inhale it deep into the lungs. Smell the smell of the earth after the rain and the perfume of fresh grass. Notice the tiny buds and sprouts. Climb the hill and from there look at the vast sky that envelops the world from end to end.
Take off with your imagination into space. Create a world for yourself, paint it in your favorite colors, and play your melody in it.
• And always return home in peace. To the familiar scents, colors, and sounds that have accompanied you ever since. Could you get back to us?

Your father and I created for you the best world we could imagine. We gave birth to you in the green hills and valleys of the Galilee. We have built a house around you with a warm and family nest. The community we live in is full of good people, and there is no danger or threat. Your grandparents are devoted to you with all their hearts and are an essential part of your life. We invest in you every spare moment and every shekel that is needed. We wrap you in all our love and dreams.
And all for one purpose only. See you grow and develop, happy and whole.

Have a prosperous and enriching school year.
Love you

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