Medical centers

Hadassah Ein Scopus Hospital

The Center for CF P.O. 24035 Jerusalem 91240

Reception hours at the clinic
Sundays and Thursdays between the hours of 8.00-15.00 Tuesday Urgent cases

Ms. Hadas Elmaleh: Phone to 5845325/6-02
Fax: 02-5843028

Director of the Center
Prof. Eitan Kerem is the director of the pediatric department and a pediatric lung specialist.
Phone: 5844430-02 Fax: 5844427-02
CF on the site of Hadassah Mount Scopus

The team of doctors
Dr. David Shusiov: Pediatric Lung Specialist
Prof. Michael Wilshansky: Specialist in gastroenterology and nutrition in children
Dr. Malena Cohen: Pediatric Lung Physician

Center staff
Coordinating Nurse: Ms. Shoshi Armoni
Psychologist: Ms. Shoshi Palmor
Social worker: Ms. Shifra Kurtz
Nutritionist: Ms. Elishar-Iron Hila
Physiotherapists: Ms. Iris Eisenstadt: Ms. Tali Cohen
Pulmonary Functional Technician: Ms. Ronit Blisha

The research team
Research Coordinator: Dr. Thea Pugach
Research Nurse: Ms. Shoshi Armoni
Laboratory technician: Ms. Yaffa Shaul
Research Assistant: Ms. Jasmine Yaakov

Characteristics of the center
The work of a multi-professional team includes pediatric pulmonologists, specialists in gastroenterology and nutrition in children, nurses, nutritionists, physiotherapists, social workers, clinical pharmacists, laboratory technicians for lung functions, and national service. The team also includes an art clinic, craft teachers, volunteers.
When patients come for an audit, they receive staff advice that works in combination and provides an immediate response to the needs of patients and their families. We believe that in the work of a multidisciplinary team, each team member can reach the best professional level. Thus, the best care can be given to patients and serve as a teaching, guiding, supporting, accompanying, and encouraging resource for patients their families.
The multi-professional staff meeting is held once a week to share with all staff members and formulate a plan for further treatment of patients. Once a month, a seminar for study purposes is delivered by members of the multidisciplinary team or guest lecturers on clinical topics or basic science related to the disease.

The treatment and frequency of visits to the center
At the time of diagnosis, patients are usually hospitalized for a short period to undergo a comprehensive assessment and receive guidance for other proper care at home. Subsequently, the frequency of routine visits is once a month to half a year as needed. Young patients or patients whose health condition justifies this come more often several times a week, and with the stabilization of their health the frequency of visits decreases.
We recommend visits once a month – two months as the desired average.

Tel Hashomer Medical Center

כתובת למכתבים: המרכז הארצי ל-CF, ביה”ח לילדים ספרא, תל השומר 52621

Address for letters: National Center for CF, Safra Children’s Hospital, Tel Hashomer 52621
Reception hours at the clinic: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday between the hours of 08:30 – 13:30
In urgent cases through a pediatric emergency room – all days of the week.

Director of the Center: Prof. Uri Efrati – Specialist in Pediatrics and Pediatric Lung Diseases
Phone: 03-5302884 Fax: 03-5345914
Center coordinator: Yael Sofer
Phone: 5302884 -03 Fax: 03-5345914
The team of doctors:
Dr. Moran Lavie – Specialist in Pediatrics and Pediatric Lung Diseases
Dr. Yifat Saruk – Specialist in Pediatrics and Pediatric Lung Diseases
Dr. Bat El Bar Aluma – Pediatrician and specializes in pediatric health
Dr. Adi Dagan – Pediatrician and specializes in pediatric health
Dr. Moshe Ashkenazi – Specialist in Pediatrics and specializes in Pediatric Health
Dr. Mona Kidon – Specialist in Pediatrics and Pediatric Allergy

Clinic staff
Nurses: Rinat Forschmit, Irena Shapira, Tami Gilboa, Irena Israelov, Danit Shachar Physiotherapists: Gil Sokol, Ran Hakimi, Nir Halper
Dietitians: Bridget Stars, Michal Fisher
Social worker: Mary Pesach
Psychologist: Lee Sitten
Clinical Pharmacy: Dr. Vardit Kalmero
Research Coordinator: Reut Ramon Sharaf
Lung Function Laboratory: Dr. Daphne Vilozny PhD
Lung Function and Sweat Testing Technicians: Reut Better, Ella Rubinstein, Angela Appelman

On the center
The National Center for Cystic Fibrosis at Safra Children’s Hospital at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, treats 160 patients (infants, children, adolescents, and adults). The age range is from infancy to the age of 65 years.

The center also provides treatment and follow-up counseling in areas such as:
Pediatric Gastroenterology – Dr. Ilana Weintraub – Monitoring and evaluating CF patients with liver disease.
Pediatric endocrinology – Dr. Dalit Modan – follow-up and evaluation for CF patients with diabetes and growth problems.
Adult endocrinology – Prof. Ohad Cohen – Follow-up for adult CF patients with diabetes.
Pediatric Nephrology – Prof. Bnei Dekel – Follow-up and evaluation in CF patients with kidney problems.
Genetic laboratory – service and genetic counseling.
Complementary medicine: Ravit Iz-Hadan Daskel – Chinese medicine specialist – reflexology and acupuncture treatments.

Auxiliary tests that can be performed at our center
Lung Function Laboratory, Sweat Detector, Imaging Institute, Infectious Diseases Institute, Respiratory Rehabilitation, Challenging Desensitization Tests, and Performing Skin Tests ..

The treated population includes patients from all over the country, patients from the Palestinian Authority, and patients from abroad who come to the counseling and treatment center.

Schneider Medical Center

Reception hours at the clinic: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between 8.30 and 14.30
In urgent cases at all hours of the day.

Director of the Center: Prof. Hannah Blau

Mrs. Ruthie Arlobaum, Mrs. Einav Cohen
Tel: 9253654-03 Fax: 03-9253308

The team of doctors:
Prof. Hannah Blau – director of the center and pediatrician
Dr. Hoda Mutzafi – Senior Physician, Director of the Cystic Fibrosis Service
Dr. Meir Mei Gold – Senior Physician Specializing in Pediatric Lung Disease
Dr. Price Dario – Senior Physician Specializing in Pediatric Lung Disease
Dr. Guy Steuer – Senior Physician Specializing in Pediatric Lung Disease
Dr. Shai Hanania – Senior Physician Specializing in Pediatric Lung Disease
Dr. Patrick Stepler-Physician knows a pediatric lung specialist and director of the Lung Function Laboratory
Dr. Ofir Bar-On, a specialist pediatrician, a doctor who specializes in pediatric lung diseases

Ms. Lemond Hadas
Roi Moshe, Thursdays, in a meeting with the physiotherapist, the patient, the patient and the home therapist receive guidance and refreshment regarding the technique of draining the vision. Also, encouragement for exercise.

Ms. Avivit Paragon
Anna Antin

Ms. Michal Shafir
Gabi Tami dare
Shlomit Katz
Check height and weight, take blood for testing, sputum cultures, inhalation and check oxygen saturation status if necessary.

Social Worker
Mrs. Diana is holy
Provides psychosocial support and counseling, as well as guidance on patient rights. If necessary, visit the hospital.

Dr. Eddie Landau
Psychological counseling as needed. Especially in crises such as after a diagnosis, hospitalization, change during life such as starting school, adolescence, and leaving the parents’ home.

Lung function technicians
Ms. Nasrin Jabra, Chief Technician
Mrs. Matyashchuk Yelena
Mrs. Ayala Zeig
Mrs. Dina Voloshin
Mrs. Beatrice Shore
Mrs. Polina Berdiczewski

Research Coordinator
Mrs. Michal Rivlin Ben Dosa

On the center

The Schneider Center for Pediatrics in Israel is the only tertiary hospital in the Middle East specializing in infants, children, and adolescents. It has 250 beds and treatments in all specialties. The children are in an environment geared to their particular needs in a happy and friendly atmosphere.
The center’s goal is to provide the best possible care today for CF patients by a dedicated and experienced staff and a warm and supportive environment. We provide comprehensive counseling and treatment to CF patients from the day of their diagnosis and throughout their lives. CF patients are referred to our center from all over the country and in foreign countries. The age range of the patients in our care ranges from newborns to fifty-year-olds. Most of the treatment is given at Schneider Hospital and the nearby Rabin Medical Center. Many of the patients have been under the supervision and care for over twenty years.
The center’s multidisciplinary staff holds weekly meetings to discuss particular issues and incorporate therapeutic approaches. Group meetings with the center’s staff are held regularly, for parents and patients, especially after medical conferences for medical updates and conversations.
The frequency of patient visits to the clinic is a routine procedure for all patients as we believe in prevention and optimal maintenance of the patient’s condition over time.

Rambam Medical Center

Pediatric Lung Puzzle – Rambam

Name of the principal: Prof. Bentor Leah

Email –
Phone: 8542784 – 04, 04-8541198 Fax: 8543127 – 04

Reception days at the clinic: Wednesdays, once every two weeks
Secretary of the Center: Ms. Meirav Schwalb

Names of doctors in the clinic:
Prof. Leah Bentor
Dr. Nail Elias
Dr. Livnat Galit
Dr. Claudia Katz
Dr. Ronen Bar Yosef

[Gastroenterologist: Dr. Orly Ishach

Clinic staff
Responsible nurse: Ms. Anna Telshov
Dietitian: Ms. Giselle Diab
Social worker: Ms. Sandra Arad, Ms. Hanan Khoury

Physiotherapist: Ms. Einav Manor

On the center
Rambam Medical Center is a tertiary hospital in northern Israel. The Center for Cystic Fibrosis provides multidisciplinary care for CF patients of all ages and relies on a multi-professional staff. The staff includes doctors, specialist nurses, social workers, physiotherapists, and nutritionists.
Patients are treated by pediatric and vision specialists and receive all essential services such as bronchoscopy examinations, diagnosis, and treatment by specialists of the pediatric gastroenterology unit.
The highly experienced visual function laboratory, a microbiological laboratory specializing in CF, imaging, intensive care, psychological services, and psychiatrists, was provided individually.
Rambam Medical Center provides all the services required for cystic fibrosis patients.

Carmel Medical Center

Name of the principal: – Dr. Galit Livnat


Address: 7 Michal Street, 34362 Haifa
Phone -, 8250367 – 04 Fax – 8250642 – 04
Reception hours at the clinic – Thursdays between the hours of 10: 00-15: 00
In urgent cases every day

Clinic Secretary – Ms. Lavia Golan
Responsible nurse – Ms. Orit Berzelewski,
Sisters: Mrs. Ashkenazi Ilana
Social worker – Dr. Rachel Friedman
Dietitian – Mrs. Rebecca Steinmetz
Physiotherapist – Ms. Ofra Tzuk

On the center
The Cystic Fibrosis Center, located at Carmel Medical Center in Haifa, is the largest in northern Israel. It treats patients of all ages from infancy to adulthood.
The center’s goals are to provide a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches. The multidisciplinary team includes pediatricians specializing in pulmonary medicine, gastrointestinal, infectious diseases, and endocrinology. Also, a team skilled in CF disease consists of a nurse, physiotherapist, social worker, and nutritionist. The hospital provides all the necessary services, including a lung function laboratory, a bacteriological laboratory, a genetic diagnosis laboratory, and imaging institutes. Our inpatient wards are known for the warm and friendly atmosphere of CF patients and their parents.

Soroka Medical Center

Reception hours at the CF clinic:
Wednesday once every two weeks between the hours: 14:00 – 09:00
In urgent cases: every day (after telephone coordination)

Reception hours at the CF clinic:
Wednesday once every two weeks between the hours: 14:00 – 09:00
In urgent cases: every day (after telephone coordination)

Secretary of the Pediatric Lung Clinic: Ms. Gila Shukron, Ms. Tali Halimi

Address: PO Box 151 Beer Sheva 84101
phone:. 6400624 – 08, 6400653 – 08

The names of the doctors in the CF clinic:

Prof. Asher Tal – Director of the Children’s Division, Soroka Hospital – Child Health Specialist

Dr. Suleiman Alkrinawi – Pediatric Lung Physician.

The medical staff:
Nurse: Yonat Shelef

Physiotherapist: Ms. Adi Powker
Dietitian: Ms. Hadas Kochavi

Shaare Zedek Hospital

The clinic is open on Wednesdays from 8:00 to 16:00
Children’s Lung Office: Phone – 6666292 – 02 Fax 6555226 – 02
Children’s Day Hospital Secretariat: (to schedule appointments) Ms. Ronit Shironi: 02-6555307
PBX: Shaare Zedek 6555111-02

Clinic Director: Prof. Eli Picard, Pediatric Lung Specialist. Phone: 02-6666192 Email
Clinic Secretary: Ms. Sarit Koresh, Tel. 02-6666292
Address: Pediatric Lung Unit, PO Box 3235 Zip Code 91031, Jerusalem,

Center staff:

Dr. Shmuel Goldberg – Pediatric Lung Specialist,
Phone: 02-6666237

Dr. Leon Joseph – Pediatric Lung Specialist,
Phone: 02-6666930

Ms. Dorit Forer – Dietitian
Phone – 02-6555307 E-mail:

Mrs. Rose Charlotte – Physiotherapist
Phone: 6666292-02

Ms. Shifra Kurtz – social worker
Phone: 02-6555253

Nurses at the Center for Cystic Fibrosis and Children’s Day Hospital:
Ms. Yael Greenberg,
Mrs. Raviv Mika
Phone- 02-6555304

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לתרומה באפליקציית הביט 058-585-8984

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