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Ministry of Health

Health insurance premiums
For a patient receiving a general disability pension who has no other income, a minimum health insurance premium of NIS 103 per month will be deducted from his retirement (as of January 1, 2014). If he has other income, he will be required to pay from his income and not from the pension payment. A patient receiving special services is exempt from paying health insurance.

The Public Admissibility Commission is the body that assists the public in exercising rights under the State Health Insurance Law. An application to the Public Rights Commission in the Ministry of Health is made after the means have been exhausted with the HMOs. For your use – Public Admissibility Commission, Ministry of Health.


Disabled parking ticket and discount on the payment of a licensing fee (test)
Recipients of a disability pension who have been determined to have at least 60% medical disability may be entitled to an exemption from the license fee and parking permit for the disabled person.

Procedure for obtaining a parking ticket
Applicants for the parking ticket must fill out an application form for a disabled access (available on the Ministry of Transportation website) with the following documents:
• Photocopy of ID card + appendix.
• Photocopying of vehicle and driving licenses.
• Confirmation of the percentage of medical disability of 60% or more (a copy of the minutes of a committee from the National Insurance Institute on the percentage of disability).
• Original and up-to-date medical documents.

If the applicant for the parking ticket does not own the vehicle:

• The vehicle is registered in the name of the groom/brother-in-law/friend/spouse for life – both must present affidavits signed by an attorney that the character applicant uses the car.
• The vehicle is registered in the children/wife/husband’s – ID must be presented. + Appendix of both to prove family kinship.
• The vehicle is registered in the company’s name – a letter from the company must be presented with a logo corresponding to the company name. It will be confirmed that the vehicle is regularly for the vehicle owner’s use.
• If the vehicle is registered with rental/leasing companies – a rental agreement must be made

Applications must be forwarded to the Licensing Division, a unit for treating people with reduced mobility, PO Box. 72 Holon, 58100.
There is no need to go to the licensing offices. You can apply on the website of the Ministry of Transportation and select “Admission procedure and renewal of a disabled parking badge”.

Department of Transportation

As of January 1, 2016, every graduate with a “disability certificate” issued to him by the National Insurance Institute is entitled to a 33% discount on public transportation.
Eligibility can only be obtained through multi-line. During the issuance of Rabbi Kav, a “disability certificate” will be presented, in which the discount will be entered. The Ministry of Transportation also issues eligibility certificates on a centralized basis once every two years, once a month for new beneficiaries, and during the month for those whose credentials have been lost.
If you lose the certificate of eligibility for a discount on public transport or inquiries, you can call 03-5657243 on Sundays. Tues-Thurs between 10: 00-16: 00.
You can also contact in writing at:
The Supervisor of Transportation for Public Transportation, 8 Hamelacha St., PO Box 57109 Tel Aviv 61570, and by fax 03-5657281. And by email darz@mot.gov.il
Each application must indicate an identity card, first and last name, and address for sending the certificate.

Bezeq – Discounts on the payment of a telephone bill

Parents of minors
Parents who receive a disabled child benefit for their child at a rate of 100% are entitled to a discount on the telephone bill. If the phone is registered in the name of the sick child, you can also get a discount on the installation and copying of the phone.

Those with a permanent disability of 80% or more and who have been determined to have a permanent incapacity of 75% or more are entitled to a discount. Only a combination of the two conditions will receive the requested value.
Address for sending the request:
Ms. Ahuva Robes Rehabilitation Division – Ministry of Welfare PO Box 1260 Jerusalem 9101201. If necessary, you can call 02-5085430 Sunday-Wednesday at 08:30 – 12:30. You can also contact the fax number: 02-5085933 or email: ahuvaR@molsa.gov.il.
If the eligibility is confirmed, a confirmation will be sent by mail to contact the Bezeq offices to realize the discount.
Required documents:
• Application form for a discount (the documents can be obtained at Bezeq offices, the union at the social worker in the clinics or the link http://www.bezeq.co.il/media/PDF/DISCOUNT.pdf).
• Photocopy of the patient’s identity card. In the case of a minor – photo ID Of the parent and a photograph of the appendix in which the child’s details appear.
• Photo of last phone bill.
• A photocopy of the certificate of disability pension (adult) or a disabled child benefit (minor).

Eligibility certificate for renting an apartment

• The tenant must have a degree of “earning incapacity” of at least 75% disability.
• to issue an eligibility certificate, you can contact any of the following companies:

  1. MGAR Company – Phone: 1599500301 Website: www.Magar.ci.il
  2. Amidar Company – Phone: 6266 *, 1599505700 Website: www.amidar.co.il
  3. Milgram Company: City Services Ltd. 1-599-563-007

Required documents:

• Photocopy of the identity card (the original certificate must be presented).
• Confirmation from the National Insurance Institute regarding the amount of the disability pension in the last 3 months.
• Confirmation of the percentage of disability.
• Signed lease.
It is recommended to find out from each company what the required documents are.

A person who does not have and did not own an apartment is entitled to a certificate of eligibility.
As of June 2011, the amount of eligibility for a single disabled person is NIS 650 per month.

are married
Can apply for assistance to the “High Committee”. For more information, please contact any of the companies listed above.
Eligibility is given when the spouse is not working, and the patient’s only income is the disability pension. The Ministry of Housing is examining this point through investigative agencies.

Discount on “purchase tax” for the purchase of an apartment

A disabled person with a degree of permanent medical disability of 100% or a disability of 90% due to the accumulation of disabilities in various organs and a disabled person who has been determined to have a degree of incapacity to earn at least 75% is permanently entitled to a purchase tax rebate. A discount is also given on purchasing a second apartment (if the first is sold).

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