Service in the IDF

Regular military service, volunteering for the army, and national service

regular service

In some cases, and accompanied by an appropriate medical document, CF patients are given a profile (64 or 45) that allows them to serve regular military service. Patients enlisted in this profile serve regularly and based on the IDF requirements accepted by the profile owners.

Volunteering for service in the IDF

Most patients with cystic fibrosis receive a profile 21: Completely ineligible for military service for health reasons (physical or mental).
After receiving the exemption, whoever received profile 21 and applied to enlist and is eligible under custom settings receives profile 30 and undergoes abbreviated service with special training tailored to volunteers. The procedure can be long and tedious, and it is recommended for those who want to volunteer to start the process at the beginning of the twelfth year (and not at the end).

National Service

National service for secular, religious, and minority men and women who do not serve in the IDF for various reasons, such as medical reasons, is an option for CFP patients.
The national service allows the volunteer to experience giving in the most profound sense of the word, and at the end of the process, the national service graduate is entitled to all the benefits to which veterans are entitled (according to the Absorption of Veterans Law, 1994).
These patients can enlist in national service through the various national service associations, “recognized bodies” by the state.
The responsibilities of the associations and associations (the “recognized bodies”) include the following areas:
• Locating, sorting, and placing the volunteers.
She accompanied the volunteers throughout the volunteering period.
• Training of volunteers.
• Responsibility for the various insurances and transfer of payments and benefits due to volunteers according to the law and reports to the National Civil Service Authority on the volunteer’s activities (start or end of service, absence due to illness or vacation, transfer to another organization and termination of service).
The recognized bodies through which it is possible to volunteer are the Association for Volunteering, Bat Ami (Aluma – Emunah), the Association for Social Equality, the Jerusalem Municipality – the National Service Unit, Aminadav, the Shal Association, Shlomit – an association for activating volunteers for national service.

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