Social service

Social service activity focuses on two levels

At the community level: Assisting the union members in contacts with external parties such as:
Social Security, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, the Ministry of Education, the HMOs, and the like.

At the individual level: contact with each union member and their family. The social facts function in the CF clinics as an integral part of the multidisciplinary team. One of the first encounters of a new patient and his family is with the clinic’s social worker, and in general, every patient and every family knows the social worker.

Friends’ relationship with workers and social workers

Personal inquiries from friends or family.

Initiated and occasional meetings in clinics with the social worker of the medical center and the union

Referrals by members of the clinic staff.

Inquiries from external sources such as the health insurance fund staff, school staff, rehabilitation workers of the National Insurance Institute and more.

Participation in activities initiated by the clinic and/or the association: gatherings, family reunions, weekends, fun days, etc.

Apply to the Help Committee for details.

Initiated follow-up of the social service, by phone or through questionnaires.

Ways of intervention of the social service

Providing information about services and rights within various organizations by face-to-face meetings, by telephone or in writing.

Assistance in contact with external parties such as municipalities and local councils, health insurance funds, the National Insurance Institute, the IDF authorities, the Ministry of Labor and Welfare, the Ministry of Health, educational institutions, workplaces.

Representation on committees operating in the C.F.

Regular participation of the social worker in the transplant committee and in the individual help committee.

Prolonged supportive care – personal, couple or family.

Short-term care and one-time counseling.

Intensive accompaniment of transplant candidates and transplant recipients.

One-time group meetings according to specific needs.

Information and support groups for parents and other family members.

Facilitating virtual support groups (“communes”) via the Internet for lung transplant candidates and lung transplant recipients, adults and parents of young people with cystic fibrosis.

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